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Paradise Lost has moved to Facebook. The group name is Paradise Lost. Please join us there. Links are also on Paradise Porch The why is simple, “Runboard has a Head Admin that can not be trusted.”

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Registered: 06-2006
I'm from: Paradise
Posts: 45343
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About the boards here

Hi gang, just a word about the various boards here. I'm still not sure what I will add or change. Not sure I like the Past and Future concept yet.

As for Casino Paradise, check it out. And feel free to add any of your favorite games. Also check out the home team Glaxay Gladiators and sign up for some cash so you can wager on the teams. emoticon

Suggestions or a favorite board idea are welcome.


Paradise Lost, we're moving to Facebook!

2/4/2009, 8:54 am Email   Private Message Blog

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