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Paradise Lost has moved to Facebook. The group name is Paradise Lost. Please join us there. Links are also on Paradise Porch The why is simple, “Runboard has a Head Admin that can not be trusted.”

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Registered: 06-2006
I'm from: Paradise
Posts: 45343
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Justbec's Odd and Unusual Info of the Day - 5/19

Word of the Day

-Restive, rude, obstreperous, uproarious.
-Raucous, disruptive, unruly; overconfident.

From Middle English ‘polle’ meaning "head," from Middle Low German or Middle Dutch ‘pol’ "head, top.”
Late Middle English “rump” (probably of Scandinavian origin); compare with Danish and Norwegian rumpe ‘backside.’
suffix “-tion” (Kent)
(So basically, this word means butt-head)

Used in a sentence:
“Watch yourself, that termagant is a polrumptious malapert to be avoided at all cost if you wish to avoid orchidectomy.”


Today is...

National Devil’s Food Cake Day
National May Ray Day
National Armed Forces Day
National Learn to Swim Day


Paradise Lost, we're moving to Facebook!

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