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Paradise Lost has moved to Facebook. The group name is Paradise Lost. Please join us there. Links are also on Paradise Porch The why is simple, “Runboard has a Head Admin that can not be trusted.”

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Registered: 06-2006
I'm from: Paradise
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Justbec's Odd and Unusual Info of the Day - 5/18


-A sweet dish made with beaten eggs, milk, sugar, and flavorings.
-Empty compliments.

From Early 17th century (denoting a dish made with oatmeal or wheatmeal boiled to a jelly): from Welsh llymru; perhaps related to llymrig 'soft, slippery'.

Used in a sentence:
“Feeding flummery to the fulgurous faun failed to flatter, as the fulsome fainéant feigned fullness.”

Flummery is a sweet dish made from boiled oats or meal. It also happens to mean an insincere compliment. Or it can also mean a bunch of hooey. I guess one needs to rely on context to know which.

Today is...

National Cheese Souffle Day
National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day
National No Dirty Dishes Day
National Visit Your Relatives Day
National Bike to Work Day
National Defense Transportation Day
National Endangered Species Day
National Pizza Party Day


Paradise Lost, we're moving to Facebook!

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