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Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita/Alita: Battle Angel is an upcoming scifi film based on manga and anime. That's the latest thing in Hollywood. And mostly those have been disastrous. Ghost in the Shell may have been minor step forward, getting more criticized for whitewashing than actually being a bad film, but we're still waiting for someone to do this right.
I can only hope it'll be this one.

BAA (aka Gunnm) is a very special series for me. There's less than ten mangas I've read more than it and even fewer that I've found as touching. Not to mention the (old 2-part) anime film; the end credit music squeezes a manly tear out of me.
There's also a bit of special nostalgia: in one of my first ten of so computer/gaming magazines - compare to hundreds that now fill my shelves - in early 90's, back when I hadn't seen practically anything that today would be called anime, there was a fascinating full page ad for anime videos with BAA as the main feature. It would take me some twenty years before seeing it... worth the wait.

There's lot of talk among fans about the decision to give main character huge CGI eyes. I'm one of the people who think it was a bad idea. The way I interpret the manga/anime, she should look so human that you can't tell her from other people (aside the metal parts; she's like Robocop). Yes, the character's features are exaggerated, but so are everyone else's - the art style makes people caricatures. In the film everyone else looks human (aside the metal parts; lots of cyborgs out there), she's the only one with the bad photoshop looks. So, no, shouldn't have done it like this.
(Though her back story is so unclear that even I can't really say how much a human face she actually has...)

The most positive thing here: Christoph Waltz. Oh yes, thank you! Best casting choice since Robert Downey Jr. was made Iron Man.


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